After the success of my previous post on the LGBT tour of Soho, I’ve decided to write up an article of other cool events that people can visit in London that are, in some way or another, related to the LGBT scene. Firstly, if you’re living in London like I am then you will be absolutely inundated with invitations to go and visit X, Y and Z museums, exhibitions, art gallery’s, gay parades and a whole host of other cool events too. But let me tell you this, there is far more to see in this fantastic city. Far, far more. Now, if you like cable car rides then London’s own cable car, that crosses the river Thames, might be the one for you. A stunning 10 minute journey that looks over the whole city provides for a really good experience that I am sure many of you will enjoy. I think that it’s probably the most enjoyable trip that I have had since first moving to the city about 2 years ago now. There is even more awesomeness, such as the shard – Britain and indeed Europe’s tallest building is another spectacular sight. It looks great from the ground, however when you are the 80 or so stories above the ground, the city looks even better.

LGBT London Eye

On a similar note there is also the London Eye, London’s and once again – Europe’s – tallest Ferris Wheel. It stands right next to the Southbank side of the Thames and when you are on top of it you really do get a bird’s eye view of the city in all of its glory. What I will say is that it is much better to go on up the Eye when it’s sunny outside and in daylight hours. Obviously if you choose to do it this way and particularly in peak hours then you will have to contend with a very overcrowded cabin as you traverse the giant wheel. This isn’t so much of a problem but it can be when every single person aboard wants to take a photo of Big Ben and up and down the river too. I have a lovely time aboard the London Eye and would definitely recommend anybody thinking about paying it a visit to do so too, it’s not too expensive and is the perfect place for anybody in the LGBT scene to take a date as well. Highly, highly recommended from everyone here at LGBT development.

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