I know I’m not supposed to be sat here posting more stories about anything that is not related to LGBT or getting my stuff packed away, but I feel like I have to. I honestly do. I’ve been working out some new ideas for the blog and new places that I’m keen on travelling to, I think it is going to take me a long time to save up all of the money, but even when I finally get everything into place I don’t know where I want to travel to. Part of me thinks that I am just running away from stuff and have no plans as to what I actually want in life, but I think that that is the beauty of it. Anyway, today’s post is supposed to be about helping people learn how to jailbreak PS4 consoles, it’s not too difficult really and only takes up a really small proportion of time. If you spend some time looking then you will have the answers in less than an hour. The best place for you to learn more about this is


I am not actually legally allowed to post any information here without breaking some form of copywriting laws, but I think that you should all be checking this out if you own an Xbox One or PS4 console. If you are interested in getting into contact with me in person regarding any further information then just let me know via email or give me a call, either way works. I am happy to help you out in person but can’t really provide anything else on here for you to go off. All that I will say is that if you are a hardcore gamer or game fan then you will benefit massively from this simple procedure and should definitely try it out as soon as you have a chance to.

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